Grad Trip // Chiang Mai 01


Ways away from the island life was Chiang Mai, up in Northern Thailand. One of the coolest little cities I've visited, with a huge variety of things to do, sights to see, and streets to wander. It was a blast to discover and stroll the streets - every little pocket of the city was unique and had its own flair. From elephants, freshly made ice cream, to 20 baht cab rides, Chiang Mai's got it.


Elephant Camp & Bamboo Rafting in Kuet Chang

My friends and I were dropped off in the middle of nowhere, and set off for a hike up to a elephant camp. Along the way, we stumbled into a remote village - a sobering sight of seeing how life is like outside of our everyday experiences. Arriving at the camp, we learned how to control these majestic beasts, bathed them in a questionable pond, and finished it off with a relaxing ride down a river in a bamboo raft. (literally just bamboo tied together with styrofoam)


Chiang Mai University Art Centre

Wandering Nimmanhaemin Road led us to CMU's Art Centre, where students were frantically finishing their culminating project for public display for their graduation show. Brutist on the outside, artists on the inside.


Café Dindee

We were tipped off by an in-flight magazine to visit this small mud hut café, and conveniently enough it was right next to the Art Centre. Cute, quaint, cats, and delicious drinks.