Dragon's Back, 龍脊


Know what Toronto is missing? Mountains. Despite the bustling density of urban Hong Kong, only about 25% of the land is actually used. The rest of the city is practically uninhabitable from the mountainous terrain - for now, at least. Urban sprawl is a widespread phenomenon in Hong Kong, as the shoreline gets more and more dense. Every year, more and more high-rise condominiums are precariously perched aside a once vacant mountain.

Fortunately, development hasn't hit every corner of this city and amazing hiking trails are preserved. Trails like the Dragon's Back, atop Shek O in the southeastern region of Hong Kong island. 


Spanning about 4.5 kilometres, Dragon's Back is paved thoroughly for hikers of all experience levels to enjoy.



Unfortunately, Hong Kong is riddled by fog and cloudy weather. At this altitude, I was literally in the clouds.



There's something hypnotic about just staring into infinity.



This was a nice touch - one side of the trail provides gratuitous steps, so that even the clumsiest of hikers can manage, while the bikers can make do with the exact opposite. I saw some of those hardcore mountain bikers zip past alongside me, needless to say, it's quite impressive how they can scale such terrain.



At a solid 284 metres, the peak was a great sightseeing platform to catch your breath while taking in one of the beautiful panoramas Hong Kong has to offer. Unfortunately, clouds.



Others, had alternative ways to get around Dragon's Back, ways that involve less walking.


Let's just hope the next time I'm back, I can actually see something.

Dallas Kwok