Four Weeks in Asia

When I spent four months in Hong Kong for my exchange term, I grew to hate DSLRs. Don't get me wrong, I love and respect my aging 5D for its professional capability and it's been my workhorse for the past three years. However, I quickly realized the burden it put on me when I was actually travelling and I opted against bringing it this time around. This kit was designed to be light and portable. Backup batteries, wireless enabled cameras, and an nifty iPhone to boot.


The Lowepro 16L AW, clocking in at just $90, this was the best bags that I've ever purchased. It's small, has plenty of room for personal items up top, and a handy theft-resistant camera compartment at the bottom (which could fit a 5D, surprisingly), and has a weatherproof cover when it rains. You can actually remove the camera compartment and make this into a full-time backpack for hiking or something. 


I re-entered the X-cult with the Fujifilm X100T. It looks cool, it doesn't zoom, it's small, and it's got wifi capability. I'm going to be looking forward to spending the next four weeks shooting with this. 



Travelling light means no laptop. That means 136 gigabytes of memory cards.


This GoPro Hero3+ actually belongs to a friend, but he was gracious enough to let me borrow it. I've never used a GoPro or any other action cam before, so I'm excited to see what I can do with this bad boy.

The other two pictured items are just portable power bricks to top everything up. Especially important for foreign countries that I don't have a dead phone, and to keep our pocket Egg wifi router contraption charged to keep us connected to Google Maps.

Thanks to the wizardry that is wireless technology, I'll be constantly posting travel-related escapades from Thailand, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong for the next four weeks, to be sure to follow me at on Instagram at @dallaskwok!

Later Canada.  ✌️

Dallas Kwok