Grad Trip // Bangkok


The final stop in Thailand was Bangkok, a city that seemed all too familiar, with its hyper development amongst acres of concrete alongside its grittier neighbourhoods. Fortunately enough, my girlfriend has a friend in Bangkok whom she met during her time in Paris, and he was nice enough to show us around and even shoehorn all five of us (legally, obviously) into his Honda on a mini road trip.


Sky Bar

Famous for being a location in Hangover 2 (which was unbeknownst to me until I actually got there), the Sky Bar is a roof top bar that was an amazing place to just grab a drink and bask in the beautiful panoramic view of Bangkok, as you incessantly bat your hair out of your face because it's too damn windy. 


Silom Thai Cooking School

For a couple of hours, we were alongside a group of likeminded tourists who wanted to learn how to make some staples in Thai cuisine. We picked up fresh goods from a local market, basked in a nicely air conditioned kitchen, and chopped up some deliciousness.


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

It's exactly what it sounds like. An hour or so away from Bangkok, this market was basically like Venice, but not. You rent a boat for an hour or so, float around till you see something you fancy or an ambitious salesperson pulls your boat towards theirs with a pole.  All sorts of wares could be purchased and haggled, ranging from mango sticky rice to 6 foot tall paintings.