Grad Trip // Seoul 01


After a redeye flight from Thailand to Korea, we landed in the beautiful Incheon International Airport, greeted by the wonderfulness that is Seoul. Amongst this city was a horrifyingly complicated, yet extensive subway system that spans across nearly every nook and cranny in the city, endless alleyways of hidden gems, and food stalls. Lots and lots of delicious food stalls.


Cheonggyecheon River

As a giant public infrastructure nerd (as of writing, I am obsessed with the game Cities Skylines), I was fascinated to finally step foot on this river. This urban space was taken up by a large elevated highway until only 2005, where the Seoul government tore it down and made it into what it is today  an 8-kilometre long public park, right in the middle of the city. Toronto, take notes.


Myeongdong Cat Café

This is pretty self-explanatory, but so awesome. Cat cafés are common sights in Asian countries like Korea and Japan, but not so much back in North America, especially with stringent laws surrounding food & animals. Here, we paid 8000 won for the 'entrance fee' and a drink. Not a bad deal, considering there's upwards of 15 cats, most of which were friendly, sleeping, or just simply nonchalant about your presence. You know, the usual cat-like attitude of not giving a fuck about anything.

Dallas Kwokkorea, seoul